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Customer Relations

At the National Cycling Centre, a high emphasis is placed on Customer Care. The centre’s key objective is “To be the world leading centre for elite and community cycling” As such, every time you visit the National Cycling Centre, you will receive an exceptionally high level of customer service.

Staff at the centre will strive to meet customer expectations in a number of ways, including aiming to meet all service standards as set out below.

Customer Commitment

Three key elements will underpin our commitment to customer care, namely;

  • Setting and monitoring of service standards
  • Comprehensive training for all staff.
  • Seeking regular feedback from all customers to improve service delivery.

Customer Pledge

The National Cycling Centre will seek to uphold its commitment to customer care by ensuring the following customer Pledge is adhered to We will;

  • Engage and Consult all customer groups in order to find out what our customer wants.
  • Provide upto date information on the full range of services we provide to customers and potential customers.
  • Ensure there is a high standard of comfort and cleanliness in our facility.
  • Ensure all staff are helpful and courteous.
  • Offer a broad range of cycling activities.

Service Standards

The following service standards will help the National Cycling Centre measure and monitor customer service delivery.


  • Staff shall be encouraged to be aware of the need for excellent Customer Care and Service.
  • Staff shall listen to customer's specific requirements and ask appropriate questions.
  • All staff, where possible will deal with a customer problem or query and try to resolve the situation to satisfaction in the first instance. If a member of staff cannot assist the customer adequately, they shall seek assistance from their line manager.


  • Customers will receive a polite and warm welcome from reception staff. Staff will with customer queries as quickly as possible. All enquiries should be dealt with courteously, promptly, and effectively.
  • Reception areas will be clean and comfortable, with facilities well sign posted and provision made to display leaflets and other information
  • A customer information point will be in place at reception with up to date information regarding the facilities and services available.


  • On answering the telephone, a clear greeting should be given including a positive statement of willingness to help and the name of the service.
  • If a call has to be transfered, staff will inform the caller.
  • Should an employee be unable to transfer a call, he/she will take details and arrange a call back.


  • A rolling programme of maintenance will be operative to ensure defects are repaired within agreed timescales and that preventative maintenance systems function effectively.
  • Maintenance defects and associated issues will be discussed at the weekly managers meeting.
  • Each shift will have adequate maintenance cover, when there is a major event on cover will be adapted accordingly.


  • Cleanliness of the centre will be of the upmost importance, weekly audits will be carried out by the Cleaning supervisor and specifications will be regularly reviewed.


Comments and Complaints

Improving our services

We are committed to providing the highest possible standard of service to our customers; our staff are encouraged to take a positive approach to complaints as they are a useful tool in improving our services. We would like to hear from you if you are unhappy with the way you have been treated or by a service you have received so that we can put it right.

As well as any complaints you may have we would also like to hear from you if you have a comment or suggestion. You can complain or comment on our services via the following methods:

  • In Person – Ask for a Duty Manager at reception
  • You can fill in a customer comment card - available at reception and feedback points
  • You can write to us at the following address: National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester, M11 4DQ
  • By telephone on 0161 223 2244

Complaints Procedure

Our Staff will respect your privacy and keep your dealings with them confidential at all times. They are trained in effective complaints handling. We have made our complaints procedure as easy to use as possible with clear timescales for action. Our aim is to always provide suitable solutions- where this is not possible; we will try to find an acceptable compromise.

Within three working days of receiving your complaint, we will contact you to tell you who is looking into it. The manager will then send you a detailed reply within 10 working days unless it is deemed too complicated, in which case it will be looked into further – you will be informed if this is the case.

We promise to publish complaints and responses so that others know it is worth while making a complaint as the service will be improved accordingly. Complaints and  the responses to them are published on a notice board in our reception area.

We understand that to make our procedure effective, customers must be aware that they will not suffer any disadvantage or discrimination for having complained. All complaints will be dealt with courteously and our respect will be clear. If we do not reach the high standards expected of us in relation to courtesy, clarity and confidentiality please contact the General Manger to let us know, we will take the matter very seriously.