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Access BMX


Access BMX is a disability inclusive session for both physical & learning disabilities and SEND, which uses BMX, mountain bikes & some adapted bikes such as hand bikes and trikes.

The session is laid back and fun and uses the sprint straight for a warm up (flat area) before going on to the 3rd/4th straight of the BMX track should the riders wish to do so. The adapted bikes can also be used on this part of the BMX track.

The 1st/2nd straights may also be used and on some occasions if the riders are competent the 5m start hill but adapted bikes are not permitted on these areas at present.

The session takes place on Tuesday evening from 6pm – 7pm, Friday evening from 5-6pm  and includes bike, full face helmet, pads and gloves, all of which must be worn

The session  is run by 2 qualified BMX coaches 

We welcome everyone aged 7+