Indoor BMX Track Attendance Procedures

Indoor BMX Track Attendance Procedures

The following procedures are designed to make it as simple and straightforward for you to attend sessions on the indoor BMX track at the National Cycling Centre. They are designed to protect all paying customers who are accessing sessions, as well as to ensure that we operate to the highest possible standards for your safety and can safely evacuate the Arena in case of emergency.

Making/Re-Arranging Your Booking

1. You can make a booking for any of our public sessions by: 

  • calling our main reception on (0161) 223 2244 and selecting option 3;
  • visiting our website ( and booking online if you already hold a membership card; or
  • on arrival at the National Cycling Centre for a drop in session.

2. All sessions with the exception of “Access BMX and Urban Expression” must be booked in advance and full payment will be required at the time of booking. This includes all block bookings. 

3. If you are unable to attend the session please contact main reception on (0161) 223 2244 option 3 and inform us you will not be attending. If you inform us at least 7 days before the relevant session on which you are booked, you will be entitled to either a full refund or you can transfer your booking to another suitable date. If you inform us within 7 days of the session date or on the day you will not be entitled to a refund or transfer.
4. If you cannot attend your session, you are not permitted to sell on or give your place to another rider. The Centre reserves the right to refuse entry to riders attempting to access the track using another person’s booking. 

On Arrival 

On arrival all riders must: 

1. Report to our main reception and check in to your session. Here you will receive a wristband which mustbe worn on your wrist; it cannot be in any place on your bike; and 

2. Sign in on the attendance register, which is located outside the main BMX arena doors. You will need to read the terms and conditions of the track and provide your full address details, emergency contact number and you will be required to sign. This process must be completed regardless of how many times you have ridden on our track. We hold these details for health and safety reasons which are ultimately for the benefit of riders.

 3. Once you have checked in you will then be allowed access to the changing rooms and locker areas.
Entering The Arena 
1. Once prepared for your session, ensure your wristband is clearly visible on your wrist and form/ join the queue outside the arena doors.


2. Once the previous session has finished, the coach of the session will then quickly explain the format of the session to everybody. You will then be allowed access into the arena, where wristbands will be checked. If you don’t have your wristband on your wrist, you will be refused access and ask to report to reception.


3. If you have your wristband on your bike/ bike frame you will be asked to report back to our main reception.  If you re-quote your name and it is confirmed that you are on the register, you will receive a replacement wristband. Once you have your replacement band you must then wear this on your wrist. You then will be required to join the back of the queue at the arena.


Penalty/ Failure To Comply 

1. We hope that all riders will recognise the importance of the above procedures in ensuring that all our customers have a good experience at the National Cycling Centre. If any rider is unsure of the processes that are in place and would like to speak to one of our team about it, please either contact reception or complete one of our customer feedback forms available in the main reception area of the National Cycling Centre. 

2. If a rider breaches the above processes and procedures, then the Centre reserves the right to refuse entry to that rider on that occasion, without a refund.


3. If a rider continues to breach the above processes and procedures, the Centre reserves the right to issue temporary and permanent bans on a case by case basis. Whilst bans will be a last resort, the Centre cannot accept a rider repeatedly compromising the safety and enjoyment of other riders.


4. Intimidating, abusive or insulting behaviour towards staff or other customers will not be tolerated. The Operations Manager and/or the Duty Manager has the right to refuse admission or request that a user should leave the facility if they believe that a person represents a hazard to themselves or other users. In severe cases, the police will be called.