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Safety Information


The trails are part of a busy multi user site and at times the trail crosses or shares footpaths and multi user routes. For your own and others’ safety, always follow the signs and advice that you are given, expect the unexpected and respect other users of the vale.

  • Wear the right safety gear for each and every ride.
  • Protect your bonce with a helmet that fits well and fasten it, otherwise its pointless having it on your head.
  • Gloves, not just for keeping your hands warm, but also great if you do fall off to stop gravel hands.
  • Glasses, you only have one pair of eyes, look after them by using a pair of glasses on each and every ride.
  • Remember to take tools and spares for trailside bike repairs.
  • Carry a first aid supplies for any minor accidents.
  • In the event of an accident take note of the nearest trail marker number which will be located on the marker post, this is really helpful to the emergency services team should they be required to assist to you on the trail.
  • Ride within your ability, try riding the technical trail features in the MTB Skills Zone before trying them on the trail.
  • The trails are for mountain bikes and other suitable bikes for the terrain, please check the grade of route and whether your bike is suitable.

Please be polite and respect other users of Clayton Vale, especially when using shared paths and crossing footpaths.

Please take your litter home with you.