Once Upon a Bike

Everyone remembers their very first time. The innocence, joy and freedom you feel as you ride off towards independence. No stabilisers. No limits. Feel like a child again; get your body and mind moving and make new cycling memories here in Manchester. With family, friends or colleagues, whatever your age or ability, we provide introductory taster sessions to suit all.

Experience the thrill of riding the steeped banks of our world-famous velodrome, mastering the ramps on the UKs only indoor BMX track, or exploring our leafy trails on a mountain bike. Come along for the ride…and start making new memories with us.

Velodrome Tasters

This is an introductory session for beginners and occasional riders of the Velodrome, for ages 12+. You’ll be riding with up to fifteen other riders for one hour’s duration. You’ll be given a set of skills to learn by the coach and each rider will be provided with a bike and helmet.

BMX Tasters

The BMX Track first opened in August 2011. The venue is for riders new to the sport and world class BMX athletes. The amateur BMX track is international standard, with a five metre start hill that runs into a range of jump configurations. The elite track begins with the only eight metre start hill in the UK, which leads into a technically diverse layout. The BMX Track helps riders progress in the sport of BMX racing, regardless of their current ability.


The Clayton Vale mountain bike trails are a fantastic 12Km of urban MTB fun, with something for everyone. The colour coded trails are graded easy, moderate, difficult and extreme and the grades are designed to challenge the beginner through to the more experienced MTB rider. So have a look at the trail descriptions and see which ones are for you.