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What Do I Need To Know For a Taster Session?

You're signed up to a Taster session? What do you need to know? Read on to find out more...

First of all, you need to be able to ride a two wheeled bike unaided, and have sufficient fitness to ride for an hour. Also, all riders must be at least 12 years of age (9 for Family Tasters, Disability sessions or specific Community/Youth sessions).

We recommend you use one of our fixed gear track bikes, which is included in the cost of the session. If you have your own bike, it must meet our track bike specification. Please do not change the pedals on our Dolan bikes!

So that we can give you the right size bike, you need to advise us in advance of your height and inside leg measurements. Our smallest bikes are 15½ inch frame size (39 cms). Please call 0161-223-2244 Option 3 to discuss this with us.

You need to wear two tops when riding on the track, a tee shirt and cycling top or two tee shirts - something that covers your shoulders. Cycling shorts or running shorts and trainers are ideal, or you can hire our cycling shoes (please wear socks!) If you're not sure about shoes, please see the bottom of this page for information about the right kind of shoes to wear. If you are wearing long trousers or tracksuit bottoms, they need to be tucked into your socks.

We can provide you with a helmet for the session if required (included in the cost of the session). If you are wearing your own helmet, please read and abide by the safety information. If you have track mitts, please wear them.

It's hard work, so bring some water! We have a water fountain available but please bring your own bottle.

What is the routine on arrival?

Please arrive in good time. Inform reception you have arrived so they can mark your name off, and collect your helmet if you are not using your own. You can also hire shoes at reception if needed, but please don't walk in cleats until you have reached the carpet in the Riders D (the 'holding' area in the middle of the track). Please be in the Riders D at least 10 minutes before the start of your session.

The changing rooms are down the corridor (turn right in the lobby area), and the lockers are down the corridor (turn left in the lobby area, to pass the stair well to the Velodrome).  Please don't change in the Riders D!

Proceed down the steps to the Velodrome track centre from the lobby area, and when on the ramp, turn left to collect your bike if you have booked one, from the bike racks on the ramp (it will have a label with your name on it).

If you are unsure of the correct bike size, use our sizing chart on the wall. Sign the attendance register on the coach’s clipboard on the desk in the Riders D.

If you are going to be late, or not arrive, please phone reception on 0161 223 2244 (option 3).

What can I expect from a taster session?

The coach will give you all the safety and riding instructions for you to enjoy your cycling on the track.

You will be riding with up to 15 other riders on the track at the same time, for 1 hour’s duration. You will be given a set of skills to learn by the coach to get you riding safely. There will be one coach in charge of the session. 

Is there a skills progression pathway?

Yes, please see the Accreditation page for more information.

Wearing the right shoes:

These are the Look Delta cleats fitted to our Lake shoes for use with our hire bikes:Delta Red Cleat

Delta Black Cleat

If you want to buy your own Delta cleats for your shoes, we recommended the black version, as you can then set your cleats up with no float for better pedal position:

Please ensure your cleats and shoes are clean for indoor use. 

Please do not fit Keo cleats on your shoes, Keo look like this (image below):

Keo Cleat

These cleats feel that they have engaged, but will come out of the pedal at the wrong moment, so please don't use them.