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Accreditation Stages 2 to 4

Background information

The Accreditaion process is for riders aged 15+ who want to get more involved in the sport, either by regularly training on our SQT Sessions, by racing at the Track Leagues, or to ride at other UK Indoor Velodromes (via endorsement on your British Cycling Licence).

If you’ve ridden a few Taster sessions and simply want to ride the track more often for general fitness without racing or training on SQT’s, then our Regular Rider Sessions may suit you better, particularly if you have your own track bike.

If you’re riding your own bike throughout the accreditation process, please ensure it meets our Track Bike Specifications.

Please note: The blue, pink and green slips “awarded” through the process are retained by reception, not given to you directly to keep.  

If you do not progress from one slip to another within six months of receiving your last slip, then you will need to revert back to Stage 1 sessions and commence the process once more.

Accreditation STAGE 1

For details of Stage 1 please click here

Accreditation STAGE 2

The next step to enhancing your skills and overall fitness.

This session focuses on specific key skills and routines designed to make you a fitter, safer and more confident track cyclist.

Pass the assessment in this session and gain your pink slip to proceed on the track accreditation pathway, Stage 3.

Accreditation STAGE 3 

A two hour session where you’ll learn the necessary skills to be a fully accredited rider. A coach will be on track to lead and teach you these skills which will be assessed in the accreditation session. 

Pass the assessment in this session and gain your green slip to proceed to Stage 4.

Accreditation STAGE 4 

This is a test of track craft for candidates to demonstrate the skills learned so that they can safely ride the Structured Quality Training (SQT) sessions. You will need to prove your fitness by staying on the track for thirty five minutes.

Once Accreditation is gained, access is available to Structured Quality Training (SQT).

SQTs are for accredited riders aged 15 years or older. They are training sessions that will test your fitness and some sessions can prepare you for various types of racing. More details are available here.

Successful Stage 4 riders will be issued with full track accreditation, however any newly accredited rider who does not ride the track within six months of gaining their accreditation will need to attend a Stage 2 Improver session for re-assessment before booking an SQT session.

UK Track Accredtiation Scheme

If you are a member of British Cycling, following successful accreditation there will be an endorsement added to your membership card/licence as a UK Indoor Velodrome accredited rider, and this will give you access to Glasgow, Newport, London and Derby, but please check with these venues regarding registration.