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Sprint and Pursuit Sessions

For riders who have their own Track bike and ideally can set their own gearing, who're generally interested in learning about Track Sprinting or already competing in Track Sprinting we have a few opportunities to get involved.

Sprint Coaching

For all riders with their own Track Bike and willing to be coached, from those who're looking to learn about Track Sprinting through to riders training for competitions our Sprint SQT sessions offer you technical feedback as well as some quality efforts.

Our Team of Specialist Sprint Coaches rotate leading on sessions whilst working together behind the scenes to ensure the sessions follow a logical progression over time and are structured to meet the seasonal needs of those attending. At different times throughout the year there'll be specific focus on Strength, Leg Speed, Top Speed, or Speed Endurance.

The sessions take place Fortnightly on Wednesdays, from 8pm-10pm.

Riders wishing to join should book on based on the below:

  • Current NCC Accredited Riders aged 15+ can book straight on as normal.
  • Lapsed Accredited Riders and Accredited riders from other Indoor Velodromes will need to contact the Lead Track Coach on cyclingcentre@gll.org in the first instance
  • Unaccredited riders and U15’s (via Parent/Guardian) will need to contact the Lead Track Coach via cyclingcentre@gll.org in the first instance

Sprint Efforts / Short Pursuit Efforts

For Accredited Riders, with their own Track Bikes looking to complete their own short efforts within existing sessions we work on the following basis.

Efforts are only accomodated within our Structured Quality Training Sessions, as follows: 

  • There is now a specific "efforts" session running parrallell to the Madison SQT (fortnightly on Saturdays). Riders wishing to do efforts must book onto the Velodrome Sprint Efforts Session (as per below image of the online booking option), not the Madison SQT Session, otherwise this limits the numbers who can join in the Madison group activities. At present there are 8 spaces for riders to complete efforts within this timeslot, although this will be reviewed once we see how this is being used and the possible impacts on the Madison Group.

Velo Sprint Efforts Button

  • On the Tuesday evening SQT A session the time is now "top and tailed" with a specific session for efforts riders, accessed by booking onto a parrallel Sprint and Pursuit Efforts session. This is supported by additional volunteer coaches to ensure that the session flows smoothly, and to provide technical coaching where possible. The Efforts begin at 5pm, then the endurance SQT starts at 5.30pm in it's usual format. After 7.30pm the final half hour is exclusively for efforts riders once more.
  • On other SQT sessions, riders wishing to complete efforts can book on as normal at present, and are always to agree this with the session coach. Where large numbers of riders are looking to do efforts or the session is close to capacity, riders will be asked to keep their efforts short or to ride up together, with one rider "leading in" the effort and others following. This is to make the most effective use of the available track time without reducing the riding time for the SQT Group.
  • Riders completing efforts must be organised (both individually and collectively) and ready to go on time, so that track time isn't lost for the other riders on the session.
  • In the lead up to major competitions, such as National Masters, there's quite alot of additional demand for efforts. This can impact on the SQT group activities within those sessions, so we will schedule specific sessions for this purpose - these will be advertised in the Accredited Riders newsletter.
  • There is no capacity to accomodate efforts on the Derny SQT session or Skills Development Session.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact the Lead Track Coach on cyclingcentre@gll.org

Start Gates

We're looking to introduce more regular Gate practice sessions, to include technique coaching, and are currently reviewing the public timetable to see where we can best accomodate these. Further details will follow so please look out for updates.