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This is an introductory session for beginners and occasional riders of the Velodrome, for ages 12+. You’ll be riding with up to fifteen other riders for one hour’s duration. You’ll be given a set of skills to learn by the coach and each rider will be provided with a bike and helmet.

The Taster sessions are great fun and are one of the most popular track sessions provided, so whether you want to be the next Jason Kenny or Laura Trott, or are just keen to see what it’s like to ride around a banked velodrome, this is the session for you. Bring some friends or family for an experience you’ll never forget.

Some of our Taster Sessions are Family Tasters (for riders 9+ accompanied by an adult), Junior Tasters (for riders aged 9 to 15), and Women Only Sessions. 

During School Holidays we run our Francis Transport School Holiday session for ages 9 to 15. More details, including future dates, can be found here.

More details about Junior Taster sessions can be found here. These sessions are ideal for those less confident about riding on track with older riders.

Once you are riding confidently and competently solo (with other riders but not in a paceline) on all parts of the track, you may want to progress your riding further. The track programme provides a structured pathway to enhance your track skills and fitness for riders aged 15+. Typically readiness for this takes around 3 Taster sessions, but is rider dependant.

For more details around this, and to start out on the process, please talk to your session coach who will be able to advise further and offer tips on areas to work on if you're not quite meeting the above criteria as yet.

For those aged 10 to 14 please consider getting involved with our resident youth club, Eastlands Velo, or your local British Cycling Go-Ride Club.

For more details about preparing for your Taster Session, please click here.

To view availability and book your space click here.