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Women's Sessions

For Winter 2018-19 we've revamped our Women's only offer to provide a supportive development route for novice riders upwards, as well as partnering with a local rider development charity, Racing Chance Foundation, to offer more opportunities for those new and developing within the sport..

These 2 hours sessions will allow 2 groups of riders to use the track alternately, offering a novice group for those relatively new or returning ot the sport and a training group for more experienced riders. 

Novices will be those riders new to track, or that have only ridden solo on the track. We'll cover the basics of riding the track safely solo, and introduce group riding to match that covered by our regular Stage 1 Session

Once you're comfortable riding in a group, you'll be able to join in the "training" group to further develop your skills in a supportive rider group.

Too book, register online, or login  if already registered and look for the below two options on the sessions list.

W _booking

Alternatively please call 0161-223-2244 Option 3.

If you're a rider with prior track experience looking to book into the Training group, please contact a.adkin@eastlandstrust.org  to arrange this.

The dates (all Saturdays) and times scheduled for our sessions are: 

27/10/18 6-8pm

24/11/18 1-3pm (6-8pm is unavailable this day)

15/12/18 6-8pm

19/1/19 6-8pm

16/2/19 6-8pm

16/3/19 6-8pm

These sessions will be complemented by additional sessions hosted by Racing Chance Foundation, details of which you'll find via their webpage, their first session on December 1st 2018 can be booked via eventbrite.