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Probationary Accreditation


This opportunity is for an experienced Velodrome track rider, probably Elite level, to gain accreditation. Any rider wishing to apply for this opportunity can do this by applying in advance by email to the Lead Track Coach who will make a decision if the candidate is suitable. Candidates must be 15 years or older. Active riders who have full Newport, London, Derby or Glasgow accreditation can be issued with Probationary Accreditation.

The Lead Track Coach may consult with British Cycling Talent Team or Coaching & Education, or other Velodrome coaches on the matter, and a decision will be made within four weeks of the application. The Lead Track Coach's decision is final and non negotiable.

Only the Lead Track Coach may issue Probationary Accreditation. This Probationary Accreditation is not valid for SQT Derny or Sprint sessions.

Unless probationers have had experience of racing Madison they should not attend the Madison SQT. Other A & B, B & Vets & B SQTs are open to probationers.

The candidate needs to email their request to the Lead Track Coach via cyclingcentre@gll.org as well as ensuring they register to use the centre. 

After making the relevant enquiries, the Lead Track Coach will then contact you to confirm whether Probationary Accreditation has been granted. If it has, you will be asked to book on to your first SQT and to collect your skills report sheet when you arrive for your first sesion. 

Probationary Accreditation is valid for four SQT sessions only. The report sheet must be offered to the Velodrome coach for completion on each visit, who may make written comment on the sheet. Please notify the coach before the session starts of your probationary status.

If all four sessions pass without adverse comment on the sheet by the Velodrome coache(s), the candidate can be issued full accreditation, 

Velodrome coaches will inform the Lead Track Coach if any candidate with probationary accreditation is unsafe, or has been asked to leave a session. The Lead Track Coach may consult with the coaches involved before full accreditation is issued.

Any candidate with a probationary pass can be asked to leave a session at any time, if they are a danger to themselves or others.

Points to remember:

  • The Probationary Accreditation can be withdrawn at any time
  • Candidates must tell the Velodrome coach in charge of the session that they are on Probationary Accreditation – at the start of the session
  • Riders must ask the coach to comment and sign the report sheet after each of the four sessions
  • Riders must complete four sessions before full accreditation can be awarded
  • After four sessions without adverse comment, the rider must hand in the completed report sheet for full accreditation to be issued
  • The Lead Track Coach's decision regarding issuing Probationary and Full Accreditation is final – no negotiation will be entered into.