Clayton Vale MTB Trails & Skillszone

The Clayton Vale MTB Trails & Skillszone, are a fantastic 12km of urban MTB fun, with something for everyone. The colour coded trails are graded easy, moderate, difficult and extreme and the grades are designed to challenge the beginner through to the more experienced MTB rider. 

Located in the heart of the city, they’re accessible, fun, demanding and will definitely put a great big grin on your face whether you are a beginner or more advanced rider. The MTB trails are for riders of all levels of ability and if you’re not too sure what you are capable of, then have a play on the Skillszone area that features a lovely pump track followed by lots of technical trail features (TTFs) ranging from easy to difficult, so you can test your skills before hitting the trail.

Clayton Vale Easy Rider


This is the easiest trail which links up with other grades on route to make a multitude of trail options. The ‘Easy Rider’ sweeps along the Medlock River through the centre of Clayton Vale Nature Reserve on a wide, flat path before climbing onto a narrower route with gentle roll able, rideable MTB features. This is an ideal route suitable for all the family, beginner riders and is designed to take many different types of cycles, including some accessible bikes.

Newton Heath Sidewinder


The ‘Sidewinder’ is full of rollable, twisty, bermy fun! There are whoops, berms, cheeky adverse cambers interspersed with short, sharp climbs and descents. If you have no idea what any of these features are then ride it gently through first time around and then have more fun when you ride it again, you will just want to keep riding the ‘sidewinder’ as it’s just so much fun! The ‘sidewinder’ is packed full of features designed to keep a grin on your face, just make sure you keep hold of your bars as you wind your way from one section to another!

Urban Red Rockit


As the trail name suggests, the ‘Urban Red Rock-it’ is full of rock features and sections that will catch you out if have not got the right mix of MTB skills. The ‘Urban Red Rock-it’ is for the more experienced MTB rider, as it is packed full of more technically demanding features, with drop offs into berms, steeper more demanding climbs, rock slabs and gnarly rock gardens, which are great fun if you have the skills to handle them and a white knuckle ride with real potential for buckaroo style off if you haven’t.  If you have the skills then give the ‘Urban Red Rock-it’ a blast, if you don’t have the skills and really want to have a go, then book a course and develop your MTB skills.

Scorpions Tail


For the expert, technically proficient riders there is a small section of black trail that will test your riding expertise and your nerve! You will need to an expert rider and have a good quality mountain bike to tackle black sections of trail, there are small steps into this section, followed by rocky sections dropping into berms, tight, twisty and challenging, definitely not for the feint hearted and this section has a real sting in the tail should you get it wrong.

After your ride

When you’ve burned off all that energy and packed as much MTB fun into the time you have available then don’t forget to give your trusty steed the VIP treatment and give it a good wash at the on site bike wash. For you and your hungry MTB crew, reward yourself with the delights of the Cafe at the National Cycling Centre. Coffee & cake is a must for every MTB ride! If that doesn’t take your fancy then there’s a whole host of culinary delights to choose from.