Track Bike Specification

Our Track Bike Specification

We know that regular riders may wish to bring their own track bikes to the National Cycling Centre. The information below details the specification required if you wish to do so.If you are bringing your own track bike with you, we ask that you check them over before taking to the track, including tyres, chain tension, wheel nuts and cleanliness. Please do not use brand new tyres on the track without first preparing them - rub the surface with white vinegar before use. Ride the first three laps on the Cote d’Azure or bottom of track. If the track bike has been ridden externally, then the tyres must be cleaned as above.  
Track bikes must have:
  • A fixed wheel
  • Drop bars (Exceptions for Pursuit Efforts or Adaptation for Para-Cycling)
  • 165mm cranks
  • 280mm (11”) bottom bracket height (measured from floor to centre of bottom bracket)
  • No braze ons
  • Track ends

    If a 'fixie' bike is used that matches the dimensions above and has braze ons or cast cable or gear stops, the projections must be padded with foam and taped over with insulating tape.

  • Continental, Schwalbe, Tufo or Vittoria clinchers or tubulars (black tread only), 21 mm wide or wider
  • Tyres inflated to 8 bar (119psi) Do not use Michelin tyres or any dual compound tyres or tyres with coloured treads
  • No spare sprocket on the double rear hub
  • Bar ends fitted and secure in handlebars
  • No quick release spindles 

Recommended Clinchers and Tubulars

Make Model Width
Conti Sonderklasse 165/175 22mm
Conti Temp 22mm
Schwalbe Durano Skid 22mm and 25mm
Schwalbe Ultremo ZX or DD 22mm to 25mm
Tufo Calibra Lite 23mm
Tufo S3 Lite and Elite 21mm
Tufo S33 Pro 21mm
Vittoria Pista EVO CL & CS 22mm
Vittoria Diamonte Pro Pista 23mm
Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick 23mm
Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick 23mm


  • Recommended gears for novices, and all riders on Intro 2 Velo sessions is 84” gear adults and 74” for 9 -12 year olds.

  • The gearing on Velodrome hire bikes range from 74.3” (44 x 16) to 84.4” (50 x 16).

  • Gearing for all endurance SQT’s, including Madison and Derny, shall be restricted to 88” at most. It does not apply to Sprint or Sprint/Keirin SQT’s. 

  • Youth accredited riders should ride a gear as per the relevant Youth category gearing in BC Technical Regulations, or lower:
Age Category Chain Ring/Sprocket Teeth Imperial Meters
Under 16 Youth A 48 x 15 86.4" 6.93
Under 14 Youth B 48 x 16 81.0" 6.45
Under 12 Youth C 48 x 17 76.3" 6.05
Under 10 Youth D 48 x 19 68.2" 5.40
Under 8 Youth E
  • Riders must not carry any object or device on them or on their bike that could drop onto the track. Riders may not wear or use on the track any music player, recorder, or radio communication system. Neither may riders use video recording equipment on their person, on their bike, or fixed to any of the perimeter railings.
  • Any electronic device with display (for instance speedometer or power meter) must be attached securely, and positioned so that it cannot be read by the rider whilst in motion.