Intro 2 Sessions

Intro 2 Sessions

If you’ve never ridden on an Indoor 250m Velodrome before or a very occasional rider, then this is your starting point. Intro 2 sessions are great fun and are one of the most popular track sessions we run. 
Our Intro 2 sessions are coached in stages and you’ll learn how to access the track safely and ride the track amongst other solo riders. You’ll be given a set of skills to learn by the coach and each rider will be provided with a bike and helmet.

We have sessions for:
  • Adults, for age 12+
  • Familes, for riders 9+ accompanied by an adult
  • Junior, for riders aged 9 to 15. These sessions are ideal for those less confident about riding on track with older riders.
  • Women only      
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You need to be able to ride a two wheeled bike unaided, and have sufficient fitness to ride for an hour.  We recommend you use one of our fixed gear track bikes, which is included in the cost of the session. If you have your own bike, it must meet our track bike specification. Bike sizes will be arranged on arriva.l Our smallest bikes are 15½ inch frame size (39 cms). 

You need to wear two tops when riding on the track, a tee shirt and cycling top or two tee shirts - something that covers your shoulders. Cycling shorts or running shorts and trainers are ideal, or you can hire our cycling shoes (please wear socks). If you're wearing long trousers or tracksuit bottoms, they need to be tucked into your socks.

We can provide you with a helmet for the session if required (included in the cost of the session). If you are wearing your own helmet, please read and abide by the safety information. If you have track mitts, please wear them.

It's hard work, so bring some water! We have a water fountain available but please bring your own bottle.

Your session coach will give you all the safety and riding instructions for you to enjoy your Intro session. You'll be riding with up to 15 other riders on the track at the same time, for 1 hour’s duration. You will be given a set of skills to learn by the coach to get you riding safely. There will be one coach in charge of the session. 

Once you've completed a few Intro sessions you can move through our Rider Development programme by learning the next level of skills and techniques through our Accreditation Stages 1-4.

Your session coach will be able to advise further and offer tips on areas to work on to be able to progress through the stages.

For those aged 10 to 14 you could consider getting involved with our resident youth club, Eastland’s Velo, or your local British Cycling Go-Ride Club.

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